Frequently Asked Questions

1What data about users who click on my links will be provided to me?
Members who want to collect a list of all "matched" users identities of those who click on their links will receive an email once per week with all prospects that were matches/identified. The data file will be in the form of "hashed emails" in adherence with privacy policies.
2How can I leverage my prospects data once I'm capturing it?
Owning and controlling your 1st party data is incredibly powerful. First, you'll now have an ever-growing permanent sales list for retargeting on virtually and ad platform. While cookies expire at a rate of 60%+/month, these identifiers never expire because they are tied to the user's email address. So the first thing you should do with this list of identified prospects is import it as a custom audience in Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, LinkedIn, and any other compatible ad platform you use.
3Which ad platforms can I use your data file to retarget on?
The data file we provide you with user matches is compatible with virtually all major ad platforms including: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Amazon, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Adwords*.
4What if I want to know more details about who clicked on my links?
If you promote B2B type products and services (and not consumers), which many of you do, then there are fewer privacy restrictions. If you have a B2B type site and want to turn your anonymous prospects into full lead records, we have a "data enrichment" vendor that we recommend. They can take the data file we give you and enrich those records with additional fields like: Decrypted email address, Full Name, Address, Phone, and more. If you opt for this add-on service, they charge aprx. $0.05 per record.
5Can I straight up email retarget my anonymized users now?
While it technically is possible to do true email retargeting of anonymous users now, we generally don't recommend doing this, primarily because it must be done within strict compliance of your email marketing platform vendor, and most of them don't allow sending unsolicited emails these days.
6What other cool opportunities does this open up for me?
With the new ability of identifying and capturing those who click on your links, you also make your user data "portable". So who else might want to retarget your audience? Probably quite a few partners. You now have the ability to package and sell your niche audience to partners.



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