Our Unique Features

When we set out to build the best link shortener, it was important to include some truly remarkable "super powers". This is where Identity Resolution comes in. Our technology analyzes each visitor who clicks on your link and then cross references those users against our identity graph of over 200M known US adults. The result: We enable you to build a list of your ideal prospects for retargeting on any major ad platform. And unlike browser cookies, our identifiers never expire or get deleted.


What makes our tech unique?

Aside from our powerful list of standard features, what truly sets us apart is "identity resolution". Put simply, our tech can identify who is clicking on your links, then compile those identifiers into a privacy-safe file that you can take to any major ad platform (and never expires like cookies).

This powerful technology has traditionally only been available to large enterprise companies. Now you can have access to it, too.


What we can do for you?

Campaign Tracking

Use Google Analytics? Now you can use your same UTM tracking to analyze traffic sources and improve the efficiency of campaigns.

Mobile Targeting

Route users on mobile devices to the mobile version of your site (or to your app) vs. users on larger screens who are directed to the full website.

Increase Your ROI

Get more out of every dollar you spend on ad campaigns by using Shortnr to identify and retarget prospects who click on your ads.

Detailed Statistics

Track and measure the success of your links by viewing detailed statistics including top referrers, location, devices used, and much more.

Password Protection

Want to restrict who can access your destination links? Protect your short links by asking visitors to enter a password you specified originally.

QR Qode Generation

Promote your short link on printed documents and offline marketing materials using the QR code auto-generated as you shorten each link.


Why customers loves us?

We are the first (and only) url shortener that enables you to identify and capture prospects who click on your links using a persistent identifier, and prospects pixeled with never expire or get deleted (like Facebook and other cookies do).

Identity Resolution
Monetize Your Audience

Use your prospects data file to retarget on any ad platforms including:

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